This project was inspired by a small local enterprise called “Colmenas Urbanas” (Urban Hives). Today, we have seen the rising deaths and possible extinction of bees across the world, and the importance that bees play in the development of human life. This is why they’ve seen an opportunity for people to take on a more active role when it comes to fostering bees to live and reproduce themselves within cities. Inspired by this initiative and using their knowledge and products (honey and honeycomb), we developed the concept for the editorial “People Save The Queen”. This editorial represents two worlds: beauty and survival. The Queen bee is impersonated by the model in the photographs, where in this dreamlike world she is wrapped up in honey, bees and vegetables. Through art and photography, we seek to show in an artistic way how as a citizen we can play a role when it comes to saving bees within our environments through the growing of cabbages, fruits and vegetables in general.
Creative & art direction: Estudio Como + Estudio Cielo
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