Cielo: The Late Show

Looking for the most creative way to talk about ourselves on our website, we created this interview inspired by the sixties talk show's aesthetics. The best way to talk about what moves and inspires us, under an aesthetic overloaded with delusional questions, answers and characters. Made by us for us.​​​​​​​

Let's talk about Cielo.

Tonight’s late show is full of excitement and eclecticism from a very peculiar couple: Valentina Corral and Tulio Turina, photographer and director of CIELO, respectively. Located in Santiago, Chile, Estudio Cielo specializes in creative photography and film. We’ll talk about different myths, alternate realities, obsessions, passion, and porn while trying to discover Valentina and Tulio’s alter egos and secret personalities to eventually discover how the statement “this aesthetic style is so Cielo” – in just five years – positioned itself in the creative industry. 

Tulio The Host: First question. Any addictions? 

Glam Vali: Aesthetics. 

Tulio The Artist: Color, light, texture, details. Should I continue? 

Tulio The Host: Okay, okay. True or false: are you two a couple?

Glam Vali: What do you want it to be?

Tulio The Host: Are you flirting with me?

Vali Femme Fatale: Hahaha or jajaja… (We're also bilingual) 

Tulio The Host:  What are Cielo's seductive ways?

Glam Vali: A secret weapon that's both maddening and relentless.

Vali Femme Fatale: Visual ectasy.  

Tulio The Host:  Something like an orgasm of the eye?

Tulio The Artist: Exactly.

Glam Vali: That’ll depend on how trained your eye is. Aesthetics is actually like a muscle that needs daily training. 

Tulio the host: So, if we continue along the lines of visual ectasy, what would be Cielo's sex toys be?

Vali Femme Fatale: A camera and a well-lubricated eye. 

Tulio The Host: What stimulates your creativity?

Glam Vali: Any type of challenge that we haven't taken on before.

Tulio The Artist: Like a kitchen in a commercial with macro shots and ingredients exploding. 

Tulio The Host:  If you had to seduce a client, what’d your pick-up line be?

Vali Femme Fatale: Tell me about your idea, and we'll exceed your expectations.

Glam Vali: That Cielo has no ceiling. 

Tulio The Artist: Our catering team is waiting for you.

Tulio The Host: What's your wildest dream?

Vali Femme Fatale: To passionately live off our passion.

Tulio The Host: You guys work for well-known brands in Chile. Do you ever dream about crossing those borders?

Tulio The Artist: yes, having “NASA” as one of our clients developing a big production on the moon. 

Tulio The Host: You two have a visual style. How flexible is that style?

Tulio The Artist: My yoga self could answer that question with a yoga pose, but I don't want to brag. 

Tulio The Host: What about an inspirational quote about the job you do?

Glam Vali:  “I was born to see what others can't,” Charly García.

Tulio The Artist:  Cielo, an imaginary matrix where the stars float around. 

Tulio The Host: As a closing statement: “Stairway to heaven” by Led Zeppelin or “Just like heaven” By The Cure?

Tulio The Artist: Buddy Richard's “heaven,” of course!

Tulio The Host: Touché!
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Creative Direction: Valentina Corral & Tulio Turina
Photography: Valentina Corral & Tulio Turina
3D Modeling: Feels TV
Retouching: Manuela Ugarte​​​​​​​
Copy: Alejandra Valenzuela
Styling: Javiera Reyes
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